Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation and E-Filing. 


  2022 is coming!  Make sure you lock in your rates now!

The best way to minimize your tax burden and maximize your refund is planning.

Take the guess work out of taxes and find every deduction and credit. Leave it to MAG-N Solutions, where you will be a name, not just numbers.  

We offer video, phone and chat options. 


What happens when you have MAG-N Solutions do your taxes? How does it work?


100% Virtual, Mask-Free!


First, contact us! Then we will send you a link to schedule your first consultation with your Tax Pro.  In that 15 min initial consultation, you will video chat face to face with your Tax Pro, they will go over what will happen next, ask any questions you may have and give you a quote. 


After you accept , you will be emailed a list of tax forms to be on the lookout for, and figures we are looking for.  You will also receive your link to your personal login page for our Secure platform to upload all of your documents. 


Once everything is uploaded, your Tax pro will be in touch with any questions they may have and then give you an estimated completion date for your tax return. 


After your return is completed, we will schedule a quick consultation with you to go over your return, what payment to expect, to or from the IRS, and send you your invoice.  After payment, your taxes will be submitted and we will email you every step of the way to communicate with you. 

Your tax return will also be available to you in .pdf form in our Secure platform to access year round.   


We are so excited to show you how easy it is to file with MAG-N Solutions!



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