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The Meaning of MAG-N



MAG-N was born out of a passion of helping, serving, and creating relationships with our clients that go beyond the norm. 


How did we get our name? 


It’s a tribute to the person who taught me how to lead with my heart and serve in extraordinary ways. 


You see, on a very hot day in July of 2007, an amazing little girl was born - my daughter, Aynslei.  She had a sparkle in her eye and fire in her belly.  She is the center in my life, and my Mother adored her.  Nana gave her a nickname, N-GAM.  


N-GAM and Nana were so close, as only a Nana and Nana's Girl could be.  They had tea parties and sleepovers.  Nana was her granddaughter's biggest fan and loved to see her light up the stage. Unfortunately, the day Aynslei turned 10, our world's forever changed.  Nana was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and she passed away shortly after, despite a hard, and difficult fight.  Every year we close our doors one day in August and go spend the day remembering our Incredible Mom/Nana.  


Naming this company MAG-N is our way of honoring the most courageous of women, my Mother, and her never ending love for my daughter. 


That gives us the purpose of caring beyond what is expected, and delivering service you can trust. 


Credentials You Can Rely On: 


As the owner of the company, I have over 20 years experience in Office Management, am a certified Tax Preparer and have earned the Credentials of Enrolled Agent with the IRS.  


The benefit of working with an Enrolled Agent with the IRS is knowing that I have passed the stringent qualifications to earn this status, and am able to legally represent you in front of the IRS on all tax matters. 

I have worked with The Big Tax Preparation Company as Tax Expert and was recently ranked in the top 1% in the company in the US.  


I am a Mom and have two - four legged babies as well.  If you've ever been on a video call with me, likely Duke or Duchess has said "Hello!"  


Thank you for choosing MAG-N. We are happy you’re part of the family. 

Not everyone can give birth to a Number Ninja, but my Mom did.  High Five, Mom.  High Five. 

In loving memory of LKR.  Forever in hearts. 

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